She’s Lara Croft ~ Of course she’s going to want an extinct dinosaur’s head mounted on the wall of a secret room hidden deep within the confines of her mansion!


Wouldn’t you?

I do.  I also want a basement aquarium with a timer door, and a key for my ATV course I somehow misplaced in the aquarium.

Unintentional Monologue

I want to write a play centered around this rambling of feelings- this monologue being the climax.  Thoughts?

It didn’t have to be this way.  It was never supposed to be this way.
I don’t think you’ll ever understand how your little secrets hurt everyone else. And your twisted humor is doing nothing but hurting yourself.

I don’t know why I even keep doing this.
I don’t know why I keep coming back.
All I get is more questions. More doubts.
Because as soon as I have answers, you shrug them off, and I’ll never know if they’re right or wrong.
Because I don’t even think you know yourself. Or at the very least you can’t be consistent.
You’re open minded to the point where you can’t even take your own side. You can’t trust anyone around you.  You can’t even trust yourself.
So how can you ever know who you are?
And if you can’t, I know I’ll never be able to.
I can guess all I want,
But I’ll never have a true answer.
Just like the cosmos. Just like history. I can believe, I can have my ideas of it, I can argue it, but when it comes right down to it, I only have really great theories.
Maybe that’s why I can never stop thinking about you.

Because you will always be the one thing I can never figure out.
And who knows, maybe you’re the key to my understanding the universe.
Maybe you’re just a fucked up kid from Columbus.
Maybe you’re something really interesting in between.
I’ll never know.
It was fun trying to figure it out, though.

A Sarcastic Attack. A Sarcastic Finale.

His reply to me saying “I’m not broken.”

"Why do you just sit at home all day ?
When you’d rather be out and about ?
Why do you not play the piano as much anymore ?
Why are you more of a rock than ever ?
Why isn’t your relationship with your mom on a great standing?
Considering she’s one of two people you see everyday.
Why doesn’t your mom know you ?
Why does your dad not talk to you ?
Where are your friends ?
Why is your relationship with your lover so terrible?
It’s def not your fault.
Don’t worry.
You’re perfect the way you are.
Don’t change for anyone.”

No.  I’m not broken.  I got out alive.  You’re broken.

Why do you sit around at home all day computer playing games you don’t even like?
When you could be out doing something for yourself?
Why don’t you study anymore?
Why do you eat whatever you find and do whatever, say whatever you want instead of sticking to your morals you claim you have?
Why do you have to smoke weed just to wake up in the morning?
Why aren’t you in college or at least working towards a future?
Why are you spending all your money on useless junk when you could be financially stable by now?
Why are you more of a rock than ever?
Why could you never stand up and tell your Uncle how much he matters to you?
Considering you thought of him as a father figure?
Why do I apparently know you better than your family, yet I seem to barely know you at all?
Why do you sit around saying all you could do instead of doing it?
Why do you tell everyone how wrong they’re doing things when you’ve never even tried to do better, you don’t even know if you could?
Where are your friends?
Are they even real?  Or are they just online vents?
Why does everyone abandon you?
Why is your relationship with your lover dead?
It’s def not your fault.
Don’t worry.
You’re perfect the way you are.
Don’t change for anyone.
Especially not yourself.